Law Offices Of Robert A. Olkowitz, P.C.
New Jersey Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Lawyers

INJURY AND DISABILITY- This is what we do and we do it extremely well!

If an attorney is at the top of his or her area of practice, does that attorney need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for ads in the Yellow Pages, TV, radio, and billboards to solicit clients? No!

So many firms today try to practice in all areas of the law. They tend to be jacks of all trades but masters of none. Our philosophy is that the law is extremely intricate and no one can know enough to be an expert in every area of the law. That is why we have limited or practice to INJURY AND DISABILITY ONLY to develop the knowledge and expertise to litigate the most complicated cases in our area of the law.

For almost 30 years Mr. Olkowitz has limited his practice only to injury and disability. His extensive experience has allowed him to learn not only the law, but the nuances of the law, pitfalls to avoid, and the Judges and lawyers who practice in these areas.

Mr. Olkowitz has taken many years to find lawyers who are very experienced and are masters in these three fields to practice with the Law Offices of Robert A. Olkowitz. This expertise allows our firm to be very aggressive in the Courtroom and enables us to obtain the best results for our clients. We do not believe in settling quickly for whatever the insurance company offers. We are committed to fighting for the full value of our clients' cases. We concentrate our practice in three areas of the law:

  1. PERSONAL INJURY (all accident cases, car accidents, slip & falls etc.),
  2. WORKERS COMPENSATION CASES (occupational injury or illness, traumatic injury, psychiatric injury, etc), and
  3. SOCIAL SECURITY APPEALS (disability &SSI denials. THERE IS NO CONSULTATION FEE ON THESE MATTERS AND OUR FIRM ONLY RECEIVES A FEE IF WE OBTAIN A RECOVERY FOR YOU! If you were injured in a car accident, slip and fall or other accident, if you suffered an injury, illness or disease due to your work, or you have been told by the Social Security Administration that you are not disabled, your first call should be to the Law Offices of Robert A. Olkowitz for a free consultation.

Mr. Olkowitz has a long successful history of fighting for his clients. After litigating for some of the most prestigious firms in central Jersey, Mr. Olkowitz opened his own firm in 1995 and has obtained millions of dollars of benefits for his clients since then. Mr. Olkowitz has been named a "Super Lawyer" as voted by his fellow lawyers as featured by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. We have convenient offices in Red Bank and Toms River.